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“Rena may not have been born a life coach, but it seems that everything in her life was designed to make her one... a great one. Her calming, empathetic demeanor puts you at ease and makes you feel heard, and her seriousness of purpose and sincerity convinces you of her investment in your success. Rena initially started coaching me on a "trial" basis as required for her training, but it didn't take long for it to be obvious that I was the outsized beneficiary of that "practice." I definitely took full advantage of the opportunity, extending our sessions well past any reasonable "trial" period. It was a great experience, and I look forward to future sessions."

Chris D.

“No matter how I arrived at each session, I felt met by Rena's care and patience in her listening. That always lead to exactly what was needed to uncover a new tool together. With Rena, I experienced my authenticity being supported and guided to lead the way toward my empowered growth."

Georgie G.

“Rena's calming demeanor, tone, and energy established space for me to breathe.  Her presence, and genuine interest in my success, reminded me of my desire for authenticity in all engagements."

Alexis M.

“Rena was empathetic and flexible and asked questions that helped me dig deeper."

Cheryl F.

“Rena has a supportive demeanor and was really listening. She was very present and attuned. Rena definitely let me choose the path and I liked that."

Elaine K.

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