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Offerings to support authenticity & alignment.

Do you find them nourishing, calming, energizing, restorative, grounding? 

What are your favorites? What works or doesn't work?

I'll share more every month!

I love looking out the window. I love checking out who is walking by, what the squirrels are up to, what my neighbors' trees are doing. There is always so much to see--the sky, the leaves, the colorful houses, sometimes snow, or blue skies. It calms me and connects me to the world around me. What do you see?

Sometimes just a quick pick first thing in the morning to see what might be coming up for today. Sometimes to explore my own answers to my own questions. What do I see in the picture? How will I solve that problem? The cards help me help myself. What is most alive for you right now--pick a card and see!

How are you feeling? How are you really feeling? Close your eyes or look outside. Connect with yourself, to your heart, your shoulders, your feet. Is it time for a break? Time to stand, sit, nap, dance, drink some tea, call a friend? Tune in to see if you are tired, stressed, hungry, happy, excited. Tune in to see if you are in tune and aligned.

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